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Welcome to Nursery!

Learning in nursery is a little bit different to the rest of school. If you come to our nursery sessions, you might come on every day or for 2 and half days a week.

Watch our amazing Wriggly Nativity:


Our morning learning session start at 8:45amĀ  and finish at 11:45pm. Our afternoon learning sessions start at 12.15pm and finish at 3:15pm.

Learning in nursery is very special. We pride ourselves on giving the children hands-on, exciting experiences which will feed their curiosity for the world around them. Learning supports children through their age and stages of development whilst helping them become independent in what they do and ready for the next stage in their education.

We are really excited to share our new Topic Web with you.

Autumn term

We love involving parents in their child’s learning. We know parents will see their child doing lot of fabulous things at home and we are keen to capture these with you. We call these WOW Moments. We encourage parents to take photos and tell us all about these.

You can email your WOW Moments to us at early.year@grovehouseprimary.co.uk.

We also have half termly coffee mornings to give you the opportunity to view and contribute to your child’s Learning Journey.

If you are thinking of joining our nursery, please visit our admissions page to find out how to apply for a place. Alternatively, please contact Mrs Taylor in the school office on 01274-636921.

Making it Count