We still have a few Nursery places available for September – please ring or call 01274 636921 to reserve your child’s place

Welcome to Nursery!

Learning in nursery is a little bit different to the rest of school. If you come to our nursery sessions, you might come on every day or you can choose mornings or afternoon sessions


Our morning learning session start at 8:45am  and finish at 11:45pm. Our afternoon learning sessions start at 12.15pm and finish at 3:15pm.

Learning in nursery is very special. We pride ourselves on giving the children hands-on, exciting experiences which will feed their curiosity for the world around them. Learning supports children through their age and stages of development whilst helping them become independent in what they do and ready for the next stage in their education.

This half term we are exploring mini-beasts. We will provide natural habitats in our outdoor area to encourage them to live there, as well as growing flowers and vegetables to attract and feed them.   We will use magnifying glasses and collection pots to safely examine and identify characteristics of each creature. There will be opportunity to create close observation pictures using mixed media.    

Our artist focus will be Henri Matisse who created an interesting artwork of a snail!    Our author focus is Eric Carle who wrote The Very hungry Caterpillar and The Very Busy Spider. These are both lovely stories for the children to recall to their family and friends.   

In preparation for transition to reception class, we will be introducing short phonics sessions each day. We will focus on letter sounds, segmenting and blending   e.g. d o g – dog.

Please click here to see our Medium Term Plans.

We love involving parents in their child’s learning. We know parents will see their child doing lot of fabulous things at home and we are keen to capture these with you. We call these

WOW Moments. We encourage parents to take photos and tell us all about these.

You can email your WOW Moments to us at

If you are thinking of joining our nursery, please visit our admissions page to find out how to apply for a place. Alternatively, please contact Mrs Taylor in the school office on 01274-636921.