Year Two

Welcome to year 2. We have two year 2 classes, one called Gandhi and the other called Hawking.  Miss Illingworth teaches in Gandhi with Mrs Dawson as a teaching assistant and Miss Scott teaches in Hawking alongside Mrs Morrall as a teaching assistant.


Being in year 2 is a lot of fun. We are the oldest children in key stage 1 so we need to set an example to the younger children so that they know what to do in school and how important it is to be kind to each other.

We really work on our fluency of reading in year 2 so its important that we read at home every single day. We read a lot in school too. We want to be able to read fluently ready for being in year 3. We also work hard the learn key facts in maths using our Maths Passports. Don’t forget to ask us what our latest target is!

Our PE lessons are on Monday.  You will need to come to school wearing your PE kit and you will be able to stay in this all day. PE will take place outside so make sure you have black warm jogging bottoms. Please make sure you do not wear any branded clothing or football kits.

We know that in year 2 we do our SATs but we really don’t worry about this. Its not like the tests in year 6. Our teachers use lots of our work from our books to help them assess how we are doing. We are really lucky too as Mrs Summerscales and Miss Clapham and experts in assessment in year 2 and even go to other schools to help them with assessment too.

We have put some information together below so you can find out more about what we learn in year 2:


Year 2 Grove House Writing Overview

Year 2 Grove House Maths Overview

National Curriculum

End of KS1 Assessment Framework

Spelling Progression

We are really excited to share our new Topic Web with you.

Autumn term


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We support social distancing for children, parents and staff. This means at the moment, we are unable to welcome visitors and parents into school. If you have a message to pass to your child’s class teacher, please contact them via telephone on 01274 636921 or email school on