Welcome to Grove House Primary School


Grove House Primary School is a welcoming, happy and inspiring place to learn and grow. Our pupils are polite and thoughtful as well as confident and open-minded. They are keen to learn and determined to be successful in whatever they do. Our pupils are respectful and tolerant of others. They know how to be a good friend and how to keep themselves and others safe.

Our School Values:

We are kind

We are safe

We are understanding

As teachers, we believe that learning should be exciting and fun.  We try to keep learning active and help pupils develop a curiosity for the world around them, widening their imagination and opening their minds to things they have never seen before. We develop well thought through and creative learning opportunities which are designed to develop skills such as deep thinking, collaboration and the ability to solve problems. Pair this with teaching the knowledge we know pupils will need as they grow with us and we are skilfully able to help them deal with the complexities of the modern society and be ready for the wider world.

We understand that life often throws up challenges for all of us. We nurture those qualities within our pupils, which help them grow and flourish into young people who are not afraid of having a go. We know the importance of learning from mistakes as well as persevering and being resilient when doing so.

The staff here at Grove House are an approachable team. Like our pupils, they are keen, enthusiastic and eager to grow. They believe in valuing every child in our Grove House family and in making every minute and every opportunity count. Staff work in collaboration with our family of schools within the Pennine Academy Yorkshire Trust, as we continue our quest for excellence.

We look forward to welcoming you into our school. Let’s make it count!