SCHOOL UNIFORM                PE UNIFORM            Y6 BLACK SWEATSHIRT/CARDIGAN

Please find above photos of the school uniform and PE uniform for children from Nursery to Y5. Y6 children wear a black sweatshirt/cardigan.

The new addition from September 2021 is children can wear  either a white or jade polo shirt (same colour as the school jumper/cardigan) You can purchase the uniform from  following suppliers: MyClothing, The Uniform Shop, GBD Clothing, Rawcliffes.biz or Natasha’s Schoolwear.

If you are eligible for free school meals, you are also entitled to some free school uniform – please ask the school office for information.

Vouchers for this can be collected at the school office.  If you would like to see if you are eligible for free school meals you can check here.

Should you need any help with uniform, please contact a member of the office team who will be happy to help.