Maths Long Term Plans –  ReceptionYear 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Maths Calculations Policy

Maths at Grove House is taught in classes. Teachers follow a 5 phased planning approach to maths, allowing them to build up learning across a unit of work, developing reasoning and understanding each day. Teachers take a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to maths, deepening mathematical understanding and encouraging children to reason and explain as they work. This means that children use resources and pictures before they are introduced to a concept at more symbolic level. (for example, before they use x, -, =, + etc)


There’s always time to play maths games at home. Follow the links below to have a go!














Maths Pupil Statements

Year 1 – Band 1

Year 2 – Band 2

Year 3 – Band 3

Year 4 – Band 4

Year 5 – Band 5

Year 6 – Band 6