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At Grove House, we are a fully inclusive and accessible school. We support all pupils to achieve their potential, personally, socially, emotionally and academically in all areas of the curriculum and help them prepare for the future.

We are very lucky to have an Additional Resource Centre at our school. The staff in the ARC are specially trained to support children who have a visual impairment. This gives us direct access to specialist teachers each and every day.

Children may have special educational needs that require additional support when progress has slowed or stopped. They may have a learning need or disability that calls for additional or adapted learning provision to be made. We implement a graduated approach as recommend by Bradford Council. This is based on an Assess-Plan-Do-Review structure.

At Grove House Primary pupils are identified as having SEND when they are having difficultly in their learning. There are varying stages of SEND which help us decide what support your child needs:

Quality First TeachingThis is where teachers recognise that a child needs access to a range of resources in the classroom to help them learn alongside their peers and continue to make good progress.
SEN SupportWhen children are at this stage, they will access some interventions to ensure they continue to make good progress.
SEND Support +Children working at this stage are gaining access to a greater number of interventions. This may be done in in small groups or as 121. It may be that provision is adapted and a child has a bespoke timetable to ensure they are still able to make progress and be successful at school.
Education Care and Health PlanChildren who have an EHCP usually have a greater level of SEND. It is recognised by professionals that they need a greater level or support in order to continue to be success in mainstream school. Some children who have an EHCP may have someone working with them to support them but this depends on the level of need.
Education Care and Health Plan +If a child is working at EHCP + this means that they usually working in a more specialist provision. This could be an Additional Resource Centre or Designated Specialist Provision with specially trained teachers.

We have a number of documents that may help you understand SEND both at Grove House and across the city.

Grove House SEND Policy.

Bradford Local Offer

Grove House Primary School SEND Offer.

Each year, our Special Needs Coordinator writes a report to school governors. You can read the report by clocking on the link below.

Annual SEND Report to School Governors.

If you are concerned that your child may have an additional learning need please make an appointment to speak to either your class teacher or Miss Moran, who is our Special Educational Needs Coordinator. They will listen to your concerns and work with you to decide on some next steps. Miss Moran works across both Grove House Primary and Crossley Hall Primary but you can make an appointment to see o her or ask for her to contact you via your child’s class teacher or by contacting the school office on 01274 – 636921

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