Through a broad History curriculum, at Grove House, we provide all children with a balance of skills, concepts and knowledge within a historical context, allowing them to understand, learn and appreciate the world in which they live. We use children’s personal and family history and build on this knowledge, whilst equipping them with new vocabulary throughout the key stages to allow our children to articulate their findings and answer historically valid questions. 

Historical topics within school branch out from the wider local area and beyond – ensuring that all children recognise the recurring themes of human history (be it invention and innovation, chronology, monarchy and power, empire and civilisation and emigration). 

Our curriculum develops children’s chronological knowledge so that they are able to create an organised structure through which they can understand the broad characteristics of periods of time as well as the way in which these relate to each other.

Our history curriculum also teaches tolerance and knowledge of the many different cultures that have shaped human history. This teaching of history allows children the opportunities to: discuss morals and ethics, compare and explore other cultures whilst recognising themselves and Bradford within this teaching.  

Early Years History
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