Junior Leadership Team


A Junior Leader Ship Team (JLT) is a group of democratically elected children that represent the views of the children in the school. We meet regularly and have class leaders to feed back. This helps ensure all our children have a voice in how the school develops and works for all of us.

The JLT will meet to discuss any sort of school business. They meet with the senior leaders in school regularly to talk about the curriculum and new learning idea; sort out any issues, for example school lunches or play times. They also discuss ideas for fundraising and implement action plans.

JLT meet appropriately each month, they listen to real issues within the school and then think about solutions. These solutions are then taken back into the classroom for further discussion before the next JLT meeting. Our JLT are proactive and organised, the use their JLT journals to document their in class discussions and JLT meeting outcomes.

As the year progresses the Year 6 Junior Leaders will take it in turn to chair the meetings, giving them real life experiences before handing over to the Year 5 Junior Leaders as the prepare the transition to secondary school.

What are the aims of The Junior Leadership Team?

  • To keep all children Ready, Respectful and Safe
  • To encourage children to be actively involved with the school
  • To encourage children to suggest improvements
  • To make sure our school is a safe and happy place for children
  • To help children and staff collaborate within school

What have the JLT done so far?

  • Some recent discussions have been based around our fabulous learning environments, the JLT have worked hard to ensure children and teachers keep the classrooms tidy.
  • The JLT are currently discussing PE kits in school – thinking about what is acceptable PE attire and what is not.


If you would like to know some more about what a Junior Leadership Team does you can watch this short Newsround clip http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/find_out/guides/uk/school_councils/newsid_3043000/3043161.stm