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Year Five

Welcome to year 5. We have two year 5 classes, one called Moore and the other called Nelson. Each class has their own teacher and we are lucky enough to have 2 teaching assistants to help us learn.

Mr Morris is the teacher in 5M and Mrs Sowden is the Teaching Assistant. Miss Cuddy is the teacher in 5N and Mrs Dawson is the Teaching Assistant.

Miss CuddyMrs DawsonMr MorrisMrs Sowden

Being in year 5 is much more challenging than year 4. We are in upper key stage 2 now so we know we are among the oldest children in the school. After all, it won’t be long before we need to start thinking about high school!

In year 5 we are great readers but know its important to keep reading at home and try to read a range of authors and genres. To help us do this and to help us become more independent readers, we read at home each day and ask an appropriate adult to sign our reading journal to confirm we have done this. We don’t need to read to an adult every night, we might just decide to read to ourselves but sometimes, its great to read to an adult too.

We also work hard the learn key facts in maths using our Maths Passports so don’t forget to ask us what our latest target is!

Our PE lessons are on a Tuesday. It is a good idea to bring your full PE kit into school at the start of every term, and keep it in school until a school holiday. This is to make sure you have your kit in school for every PE lesson. Please make sure you put your name in any clothing you send into school so that we can help you do their best to look after it.

We also have a guitar lesson each Wednesday where a specialist teacher comes to school to help us learn how to play. School loans us a guitar that we use to rehearse at home. We look after it and return it to school at the end of the year.

We have put some information together below so you can find out more about what we learn in year 5:

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Spring 2 Topic Web

Spring 2 Homework Calendar

Year 5 Grove House Writing Overview

Year 5 Grove House Maths Overview

National Curriculum

Spelling Progression

The year 5 class teachers are available to have a quick chat with whoever brings you to school on a morning or collects you at pick up time. If they need a longer chat, please ask them to make an appointment to see them via the school office.

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