Year One

Welcome to year 1! We have two year 1 classes, each with their own teacher and teaching assistant. Miss Wade teaches in 1E on a Monday and Mrs Gulzar teaches 1E on a Tuesday to Friday. Miss Hartley teaches 1F everyday. In year 1, there are 2 teaching assistants – Miss Carr and Mrs Morrall.

We put a huge focus in learning to decode and read fluently in year 1. Reading well helps us build confidence, unlock other areas of the curriculum and be more independent. To helps us do this, we ask that parents listen to their child read every single day. If you find any words or sounds difficult, just make a note of it in your child’s reading journal and we will pick this up in school. During the summer term, the children in year 1 complete a national phonics screening assessment. Teachers in school administer this and you will get the results of this assessment in your child’s end of year report..

Our PE lessons are on Monday.  You will need to come to school wearing your PE kit and you will be able to stay in this all day. PE will take place outside so make sure you have black warm jogging bottoms. Please make sure you do not wear any branded clothing or football kits.

We have put together some information below to help you see a little more about what we will be learning in year 1:

Year 1 Grove House Writing Overview

Year 1 Grove House Maths Overview

National Curriculum

Spelling Bank

We are really excited to share our new Topic Web with you.

Autumn term


Click here to see the autumn term homework calendar.

We support social distancing for children, parents and staff. This means at the moment, we are unable to welcome visitors and parents into school. If you have a message to pass to your child’s class teacher, please contact them via telephone on 01274 636921 or email school on