Year Three

Welcome to year 3. We have two year 3 classes, one called Cowell and the other called Rosen.

Mr Clover is the teacher in Cowell and Miss Waites is the teacher in Rosen. Miss Sobral is the Year 3 Teaching Assistant.

Now we can read fluency we need to really make sure we understand what we are reading. You might have a reading book from school but you will also get change to borrow one from our school library. To help us do this we read at home each day and ask an appropriate adult to sign our reading journal to confirm we have done this.

Our PE lessons are on Thursday.  You will need to come to school wearing your PE kit and you will be able to stay in this all day. PE will take place outside so make sure you have black warm jogging bottoms. Please make sure you do not wear any branded clothing or football kits.

We are really excited to share our Medium Term plans here.

Who were the Anglo-Saxons and the Scots?

This half term we will be diving back in time to the years of the Anglo-Saxons and the Scots. We will discover the impact they made on how we live today and how things were different for them.

From kings with big changes, to mighty battles between different groups of people. Also we will immerse ourselves with the discoveries of Sutton Hoo and find out what was left behind.