Welcome to Reception. We have two classes, one called  Donaldson (Julia) – Miss Vincenzi and the other Carle (Eric) Miss Wright after famous  authors.

Class teachers will be on the door every morning and afternoon, if you have any questions please do come and see us.

This half term’s topic is called ‘Once Upon a Time…’. Our classrooms will turn into an Enchanted Forest and we will be focussing on some classic fairytales and some with a modern twist. There will be lots of exciting things happening, there will be a crime scene investigation into the Big Bad Wolf! We will have an arrival of some catterpillars, we will look after them and watch them as they change into a chrysallis and then into butterflies. We will also be learning all about forests, a special girl called Greta Thunberg and what we can do to make sure trees and the environment are protected. 

Please click her to read our Medium Term Plans

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. The EYFS curriculum is taught through seven areas of learning, three are known as the Prime areas and the remaining four as Specific areas.


Communication and Language;

Personal, Social and Emotional Development;

Physical Development.



Understanding the World;

Expressive Art and Design.

The Characteristics of Effective Learning

The ways in which a child engages with other people and their environment underpin learning and development across all areas and support the child to remain an effective and motivated learner. The 3 Characteristics of Effective Learning are:

  • playing and exploring; finding out and exploring, playing with what they know, being willing to ‘have a go’
  • active learning; being involved and concentrating, keeping trying, enjoying achieving what they set out to do
  • creating and thinking critically; having their own ideas, making links, choosing ways to do things.

Below you will find some information to help make sure you know what your child needs to have in school each week.

PE  – PE day in Reception is Monday. Please ensure pupils bring their PE bags to school at the beginning of each half term and leave it in school. Please label every item and the bag.

Book Bags – Please send book bags and reading books every day. Each week your child will spend time with an adult, looking at the book they chose to take home and choosing a new one.

Phonics – We practice phonics every day. Please ask your child what sounds and tricky words they have been learning. Can they find them for you in their reading books? For more information on activities to help support your child with phonics please see our reading page.

We love involving parents in their child’s learning. We know parents will see their child doing lot of fabulous things at home and we are keen to capture these with you. We call these WOW Moments. We encourage parents to take photos and tell us all about these. You can email your WOW Moments to us at We also have half termly coffee mornings to give you the opportunity to view and contribute to your child’s Learning Journey.