Sports UK

PE Provision at Grove House 

At Grove House, our PE provision is delivered with the support of Mr Hussain, a specialist coach from Sports UK. Sports (UK) has been providing high quality PE to primary schools for 22 years and has been supporting Grove House sport since 2012.  They have helped us to develop an up to date Long Term Plan and a thorough extra-curricular programme that meets the needs of all our pupils.

Mr Hussain has been delivering PE lessons in Primary Schools for 9 years and recently moved from Manchester City Football Club to join the Sports (UK) team in supporting our school. He has extensive coaching experience, particularly in the sport of football.

Mr Hussain currently co-delivered PE lessons on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He also delivers a range of lunchtime and after school sports clubs on each of these days.

To find out more about PE learning in each class, you can visit the class pages and see their long term overviews or click here to see the PE overview.


Sports Festivals

Each year, we take part in a Sports Festival along with the 11 other schools in our partnership.  Children compete in a sporting competitions against their peers. Competitions include:

Half Term Year Group Sport
Autumn 1 6 Frisbee
Autumn 2 4 Golf
Spring 1 3 Cricket
Spring 2 2 Multi Sports
Summer 1 5 Netball
Summer 2 1 Multi Skills