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Year 5

Hello year 5 and welcome to your home learning page.  We are working to create a page here with lots of learning activities that you can access at home. Keep checking back and we will add new content each week.

But here is a word of guidance. Do not sit in front of your screen all day. There so many other things I am sure you can do at home. Try to think of something new you can do each week. Challenge yourself not to turn on your games console. But most of all, be kind.


Click here to find some maths learning resources. These are from the same scheme we use in school. Just click on your year group to access them and find a topic you want to work on. New units and resources will be added weekly.

White Rose Maths – Home Learning


The Literacy Shed is a fantastic resource full of hooks to get you thinking and writing. You can visit a range of different sheds  Рthe Adventure Shed is guaranteed to take you on a great adventure whereas is if you like a scary story why not visit the Ghost Shed. Find all their sheds by clicking on this link.

Cross Curricular Learning

You have already have used our Now Press Play headphones in school. Well now you can have the same learning experience at home. The lovely team at Now Press Play have released 21 audio experiences and follow up tasks for you to enjoy at home. All you need to do is visit the Now Press Play website and log in using the password: nowpressplay

Online Safety

As we will have some extra time on our hands, and we will be spending time gaming online. It is important to understand the benefits of positive gaming. Complete the online quiz to make sure you understand positive gaming. There are other online quizzes linked to cyber safety for you to try.


Bonjour! Why not practice your French from home. How many new phrases can you learn?


Twinkle is has plenty of resources and ideas for things you can do at home. We think you will find lots of things on here at you can do either on your own or with an adult. Just click on the link right here find your key stage and year group.



Please click here to access home learning

Making it Count