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Specialist ICT and Equipment

Being able to record and access work on a computer is an essential skill for learners in a world where technology is part of everyday life. The pupils from the ARC receive additional sessions to develop areas such as mouse control, Qwerty keyboard navigation and touch typing so that they can be confident at using a range of computers including using speech software.

Some pupils may also require training in using specialist technology such as electronic braille note-takers, speaking calculators and clocks.

For large print users there is a variety of equipment which can help children to access books, the Interactive Whiteboard and Video clips. This includes using the iPad to connect to the Whiteboard, using the iPad to access books, using a magnifying device to access books and also using hand held magnifiers.

The ARC team are responsible for teaching the children how to use the appropriate specialist technology and equipment so that they can have choices about how they record work and  read books and other texts.

Making it Count