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An author visit with a difference!

We have so many visitors to school that it really is just part of what makes Grove House a great place to learn. But I have to say, I wondered what an earth was going on when I heard shouting an laughter coming from our school hall.  Jason Beresford, author of the Fish Finger Series, came to visit us for a day last half term to share with us how published authors write – from the planning a best seller to making it happen and it is safe to say, we did think he was a little bonkers!

He was so entertaining, some of the children didn’t believe he was an author but instead a comedian. Who would have thought that writing a book could involve singing, telling jokes and a suitcase full of crazy characters!

Jason – you were fantastic. We can’t wait to welcome you back again soon.

See more pictures of the visit right here.

Now Press Play – Making Learning Active

We are so lucky to have welcomed into school a brand new learning resources this half term – Now Press Play.

Using wireless headphones we can transport ourselves into different scenarios and different times in history so we can feel what is might have been like to live them. This is a fantastic resource that we have built into our curriculum plans to try and give our pupils a great learning experience, injecting a greater element of speaking and listening into our learning. Not only that but it allows children to move around as they learn and interact – its much better than being sat still.

Everyone will get to use the headphones each half term so why not ask your child what they thought.







Jim Gump – an extraordinary man!

Now we all love a challenge. The children know that I like to run. I say I like to run but I know I am not the strongest runner out there but I challenge myself each time I run to just do my best.

But imagine running 24, 000 miles. Running every day, non-stop. Well this week, we were visited this week by Jim Gump who has done exactly that. He gave our KS2 children an incredibly inspirational talk about his journey, the challenges he faces and how his own resilience was tested.

Your can revisit his story for yourself right here.

The children loved listening to him and even got the change to go and run a mile around our playground with him.  Sometimes we all find things difficult and have to challenge ourselves to even keep trying. Jim taught us that will a little motivation and resilience, anything is possible.










50th Birthday Celebrations

On 21st November, our school celebrated its 50th birthday.

A lot has changed in 50 years as the children got to find out! Each year group researched a different decade and found out just what life was like living in a different decade. The music, the fashions and the scientific advances – as much as they could squeeze in. Year 6 had the challenge of predicting the future – what would like like in another 1o years time? The day was then finished with a timeline in the hall where we pieced together the last 50 years. It was incredible!

We also had a special visit – the Lord Mayor of Bradford. Councillor Doreen Lee joined us in school that morning to not only visit the children in recognition of our 50th year milestone but also to open our fantastic new library space. See more of our pictures right here.

It was an honour to have Councillor Lee in school and we look forward to visiting her soon at City Hall.









Remembrance November 2019

On Monday 11th November, we held our Remembrance Assembly. Each year we take a different focus and try and think of things from a slightly different perspective. This year we talked a little about the role of women during WW1 and WW2.

We talked not only about how brave the men were that went out to fight for us but also the women who took on different roles at home to support their country. What we found really interesting is that the roles of the women were absolutely vital yet this was still at a time when not all women were not able to vote and have  say in who ran the country.

We also talked a little about those who help us and those who we can ask for help if we need it. We have so many great links with people in our school who we can go to for help like our PSCO, teachers or Mr Ingham. We are learning the importance of respect, integrity and humility, which are just 3 of our key values.

Like last year, Mr Walker joined us for this special assembly. Mr Walker served 12 years in the Army as a musician in the 14th/20th King’s Hussars which is a Cavalry regiment. Both him and his wife teach music at 2387 Sqn Air Cadets Pudsey and 11th Leeds Boys Brigade.

Its becoming a bit of tradition now for Mr Walker to join us for this assembly.  He plays at lots of Royal British Legion events and some funerals. I will be playing the bugle in Rodley on 14th December when they unveil a new war memorial to commemorate over 50 soldiers who were lost in the First World War who have not been recognised – what a privilege.

Mr Walker is retired due to him having Gulf War Illness which affects his nervous system and means that he can’t process hormones and vitamins properly. We are so please he could join us. You can see him play in the picture gallery linked below.

Thank you to one of our pupils who took the time to draw a great picture of us as she reflected on the importance of the day. You can see some pictures and a video of our assembly right here.

Music Concert

We were luck enough to have the Music and Arts Service team of musicians join us on 4th of November for an exclusive concert in our school hall. We got to know a little about all the instruments and how they were played.

Its always such a treat when they join us. We just love listening to live music.

You can see some pictures of them in action right here.

Rethink Food – Empowering children to make better choices around food & sustainability.

We are very excited to be involved in this project in partnership with Rethink Food. We are 1 of 17 schools across Leeds and Bradford who are involved in the project helping us to think about our food choices and who we can make sure every single child has enough to each.

We have our own electric food tower in school and we are currently experimenting to work out what grows well. We hope to be able to grow our own meal! We are really grateful to Savills who have sponsored our tower and helped make this project possible.









We have made a video help explain things in a little more detail too.

We even went to a special evening event where food suppliers and professionals came together to find out more about what we had been doing. It was very exciting. You see us in action right here.

We just can’t wait to see what we can grow next.

Year 5 Residential – Bushcraft. (September 2019)

Its been a while since we had a residential at Grove House. I don’t we have have seen this many excited children in once place in a long time!

We spent 3 days and 2 nights camping at Bushcraft in the grounds of Castle Howard where we learnt survival skills, played hide and seek in the woods and built our own shelters. Basically, we spent 3 days getting very very dirty!

You can see what we got up to by clicking here.


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